Friday, August 13, 2010

In malaysia

Hey im in malaysia. since i'm here i'll be typing my blog in bahasa melayu. i can still write in english if you comment on this post and tell me that ok bye.
masa tu ade orang keling and melayu. well they both are b*tch-es. well first of all we got 2 malaysia and did all of our makeup in that tandas. so we like go back and forth to get kite rang punye makeup. so there was this old lady who doesn't know how to use the pipe so the water was everywhere.and the b*tches said budak budak nie lah was like come on at least we know how 2 pee.. when we got outside hamka (adik) drop his lollipop n we went in there again and washed and be sayin jangan basuh nati basah and my sister was all like tejatuh lah tadi! and i was like go baby go! jadik we told our parents and momma said talk polietly and my dad said garang sikit pun boleh like this ingat orang x tau nak kencing he!